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L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting was founded by Robin von Bothmer and Fritz Dickamp in 2015; since then the company has been supporting hospitality and non-hospitality businesses in areas such as the optimization of digital marketing, service providing and expansion strategies. Its origin and start-up time leads back to the university studies of both founders at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne before the company moved to Berlin, Germany in 2016.

The idea of L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting is to be a company that uses its hospitality roots, in order to accompany clients in the ever changing digital competencies. The goal hereby is to assist mainly, but not exclusively, in exploiting digital opportunities and be a reliable consulting partner in all facets of our clients’ businesses. As the world is becoming more digital every day, it is now more than ever crucial to optimize your own e-commerce and manage it in a professional manner.

L.I.K.E.’s interpersonal goal consists of the ideal mixture of experience and seeking for new talents. We understand the necessity of experience as a component of our hospitality background and yet are open to include young talents of leading hospitality management universities into the team. Strong connections with the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and other leading hotel schools and companies are part of the reason why L.I.K.E.’s hospitality vision is constantly up to date.

We have a lot to do. Our mission is to create a more digital and understandable way for all hospitality businesses, in order to give companies, the possibility to use their full and entire digital service potential. We believe that there are and still will be a lot of challenges in the hospitality and tourism sector and therefore we will do our very best to not overburden the industry.


Current L.I.K.E. news

German Brand Award

L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting has been awarded the German Brand Award 2018 in the category “Brand Creation – Social Media”. We are very honored receiving the reward!