The Consulting-World of L.I.K.E.


With the use of modern consulting tools, we ensure that companies of various expertise are getting used to the idea of being more service and hospitality oriented.



We love digitalization in every manner as well as all various opportunities connected to those. Therefore, we daily work on the optimization of our digital areas for all our clients.



We support concerns, middles classes, family businesses, universities and unions with innovative coachings, workshops, and webinars.



Our Consulting Results


Keynotes & Workshops


Our Consulting Services


01. Digital Marketing Consulting

Your digital marketing consulting and the possibility to expand your direct digital range.

02. Digital Strategy Consulting

Your support with strategic planning. Your digital activities and the determination of appropriate goals.

03. Digital Performance Analyse

Evaluate your digital range and explore your potential of optimization.

04. Hotel Consulting

Together we will assess the current performance and the potential possibility of your hotel and chain.

05. Hospitality Consulting

Develop your hospitality business further. With L.I.K.E. you will not miss any trend.

06. Hospitality Service Consulting

Improve the serviceability of your business with the help of L.I.K.E.


Our Consulting Process

L.I.K.E. offers everything from smaller and individual projects to regional tasks and consulting of international concern strategies with various service packages. All L.I.K.E. services are being executed with a future-oriented approach, which allows our clients to get along in the constantly changing time of technology, digitalization, and globalization. The primary goal is the creation of effective priority and persistent success when optimizing current deficits.