92% – Mystery Check

The Mystery Check World of L.I.K.E.

Individual and personalized testing

Each Hotel Mystery Check is uniqe and fits perfectly to every individual target market as well as to your company.


3-Phase Approach

Before (Pre), While (During) and After (Post) your stay: All relevant services for your guests are being analyzed.


Digital Spectrum

Ideas for improvement regarding your digital appearance, consisting of websites, social media, reviews and booking system.


Mystery Check

No standardized and general tests. We include all relevant criteria that are important for your target group, within our Hotel Mystery Checks.


92% – Hotel-Check & more.


92% – Hotel-Check & more. is the first Mystery Check which does not only analyze the In-House part of your customer journey but also your digital appearance. We strongly believe that a modern Mystery Check needs to be as flexible as your business environment. More information regarding our Mystery Checks can be found on our website.




Mystery Check Projects