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The digital world of L.I.K.E.


Digital communication is one of the major assets of your public perception. We support companies in using all relevant digital communications tools effectively.


We create the essential digital foundation for young hospitality and hotel companies and illustrate which digital channels are necessary and how they should be used.


We support and accompany international enterprises, medium-sized companies, universities and unions on their digital transformation and illustrate how to use all digital possibilities more efficiently.


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Our Digital Communication Services


01. Digital Communication

Nowadays your communication portfolio consists of more than a dozen digital channels that all require a certain amount of attentiveness and uniqueness. We will ensure that your digital portfolio remains competitive.

02. Digital brand development

Today, brands and their success or failure are mostly defined by their digital presence. Our team uses all digital possibilities to foreground brands and their teams, in order to reach qualitative awareness.

03. Content Strategy

The quality of your digital publications defines the success of your digital activities. Our content development ensures that your content reaches your target market and connects with your brand.

04. Digital Advertisement Strategies

Advertising within your digital channels should be part of the modern communication strategy of any digital and ambitious company. We demonstrate what to consider, how success can be measured and your goals can be reached.

05. Digital crisis communication

Digitalization has brought both, advantages and challenges. So-called “Shitstorms” and digital crisis communication are just a few examples of how we support companies with our expertise.